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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Andrews, Linsey D.Ohio9B 27 WIHesperiaview record
Badge (r?), A. FranklinOhio915 OH BatteryHesperiaview record
Baker, John S.Mane9F 19 METwp of Denverview record
Baker, John C.England9A 3 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Balson, W. J.Courtland Co., NY9G 2 MI Inf.Aetnaview record
Barber, Theo. P.Ohio9B 3 OH Cav.Newfieldview record
Bell, AlvaNew York9F 15 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Best, EliCanada9A 17 INAetnaview record
Bigelow, A.Michigan9A 10 MI Cav.Hesperiaview record
Binns, RobertCity New York9B 3 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Boles, SamuelNew York9D 86 NYHesperiaview record
Bowen, J. W.New York9M 6 MI Cav.Greenwoodview record
Boyer, Geo. R.New York9B 1 MI E&MHesperiaview record
Bridge, BarlowNew York9I 5 OH SSHesperiaview record
Brillson (?), Wm. M.9view record
Bromley, G. W.New York9A 129 INTwp of Denverview record
Bromley, HenryOhio9A 129 INTwp of Denverview record
Brooks, HenryNew York9L 16 NY Cav.Twp of Newfieldview record
Brooks, SolmanNew York9B 155 INVolneyview record
Brown, Jno. O.New York9D 157 NYHesperiaview record
Bulson, W. T.New York9G 2 MI Cav.Aetnaview record
Camfield, SylvanosNew York9I 11 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Candee, Benj.Bronch (?), MI9I 11 MI Inf.Beaverview record
Carlile, Geo. T.Michigan9E 2 MIHesperiaview record
Carlisle, GamaleMichigan9E 2 MI Cav.Greenwoodview record
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