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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ackley, Wm. W.Ohio7514 OH BatteryGrand Havenview record
Akeley, Healey C.Stowe, Vt.75C 2 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Allen, Lyman S.Grand Island, NY75I 100 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Baker, Alfred S.NY75F 42 INGrand Havenview record
Ball, JohnHolland, Europe75G 21 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Bell, JohnIreland75E 132 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Bement, H. C.75C 3 MI Inf.view record
Bennett, Thos.Cass, Mich.75B 12 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Bennett, William C.England75I 3 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Bertelon, Geo. D.England75A 23 NY I.Johnsonville (Agnew)view record
Bethelee, Louis75I 97 PAview record
Bishop, John C.75C Eagle Rifles NYview record
Bishop, John C.Dutchess, NY75C Secret Service (?)Johnsonville (Agnew)view record
Blom, NicholasHolland, Europe75D 2 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Boet, TonyHolland75D 8 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Bon, Lewis W.Painsville, O.75C 4 WI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Bordmen, A.Burlington, Co., VT75C 12 VT Inf.Grand Havenview record
Boyer, Abraham????? Co., NY75B 15 OH Cav.West Oliveview record
Bragg, Lucius J.75C 191 PA Vol.view record
Bragg, Lucius J.Essex Co., NY75H 6 PAGrand Havenview record
Brough, Newell M.Canada75F 65 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Burns, Benj. F.75Grand Havenview record
Butts, Chas. R.Stowe, Vt.75E 13 VT Inf.Grand Havenview record
Chaffee, E. N.Springfield, Mass.75Bat. 13 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Clark, Walter A.Stamford, Ca.75B 19 IL Inf.Grand Havenview record
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