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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, LewisOnieda Co., NY72F 111 NY Vols.Three Riversview record
Allen, Wm. H.Michigan72I 11 MI Cav.Three Riversview record
Andrews, Bishop C.Dowagiac, Mich.72H 25 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Arnold, Benj. E.Cass Co., Mich.72I 28 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Arnold, E. P.72F 20 MI Inf.view record
Arnold, PhiloFabins, Mich.72H 13 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Arthur, Henry S.Penn.72A 171 PA D. M.Three Riversview record
Ashton, EdwardEngland72E 25 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Austin, Gilman B.Vermont72NavyThree Riversview record
Avery, JamesSomersetshire, Eng.72E 13 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
Ayers, John G. K.Mich.72H 8 MO Inf.Moore Parkview record
Backus, AlmenNY72D 12 IN Cav.Three Riversview record
Backus, Charles W.Penn.7299 PA Inf.Three Riversview record
Baird, C. A.72E 83 IL Inf.view record
Baird, Wm. P.Damascus, Pa.72F 10 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Baker, FerdinandGermany72D 6 MI H. A.Three Riversview record
Barger, EdwardUnion Co., Pa.72F 49 PA Inf.Three Riversview record
Barks, GeorgeEngland72G 25 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Barnhart, JohnGermany72C 12 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Beckwith, SilasN Y72C 1 MI L. A.Three Riversview record
Beem, HenryHancock, O.72D 1 MI L. A.Three Riversview record
Bellman, F. A.72E 53 OH Inf.view record
Bingman, Daniel J.Pennsylvania72H 5 PA R. C.Mooreparkview record
Bitting, James H.Union Co., Pa.72A 55 OH Inf.Three Riversview record
Boardman, F. O.Ingham Co., Mich.72K 11 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
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