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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, NathanN Y68H 11 MIShelbyview record
Ames, R. F.Allegaina Co., NY68F 151 PAShelbyview record
Ames, R. F.Pa.68F 151 PA Vol.Shelbyview record
Barber, TheodoreEast Townsend, Ohio68B 3 OH Cav.Shelbyview record
Barry, Wm. H.NY68A 1 L. A.Shelbyview record
Beadleston, CharlesWarren Co., NY68A 44 NY Inf.Shelbyview record
Beckwith, AlansonNew York68I 39 WI Inf.Benonaview record
Beckwith, AlansonNY68I 39 WIBenonaview record
Benjamin, H.Oakland, Mich.68A 8 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Blake, JosephusGeorgia, Vermont68A 2 MA Cav.Shelbyview record
Brown, A. O.Lenaway Co., Mich.68I 20 MIview record
Buggs, WilliamPenn.68A 66 PAShelbyview record
Butterfield, Chester E.Kalamazoo, Mich.68NavyShelbyview record
Buttzer, FrederickGermany68F 24 NY Cav.Grantview record
Carroll, G. W.Ohio68B 57 OH I.Shelbyview record
Chamberlain (Chamberland), Geo. M.Williamsport, Pa.68B 5 WI Inf.Shelbyview record
Churchill, Walter H.NY68G 15 MIShelpyview record
Clark, Samuel J.Indiana68B 51 IN Inf.Shelbyview record
Cobb, A. L.Ohio68B 1 MI E&MBenonaview record
Codd, JosephBuffalo, NY68A 5 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Compton, Wm.NJ68E 6 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Conroy, FrancisDublin68C 12 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Coon, E. F.NY68I 99 NYShelbyview record
Critchett, J. H.Ohio68A 100 IN Vol.Ferryview record
Cummings, Alroy W.Gray, Maine68I 12 ME Inf.Shelbyview record
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