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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ada, Geo.Ohio65K 75 IN Inf.Jonesview record
Alexander, Wm.6512 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Appleman, JacobPenn.65G 25 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Arnold, Henry D.Mich.6514 MI Bat.Newbergview record
Ayers, F. P.England65G 10 MI Inf.Porterview record
Ayers, Thomas P.England65E 10 MI Inf.Porterview record
Babcock, OrisonNew Yorke65A 9 NY Cav.Jonesview record
Babcock, OrisonNY65A 9 NY Cav.Newbergview record
Barks, GeorgeEng.65G 25 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Barlow, E. R.NY65G 30 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Beeman, Alonzo P.Penn65G 19 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Bennett, Andrew J.Ohio65I 19 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Blakly, Thos. L.NY65E 11 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Bowen, H. H.Mich.65A 24 MIPorterview record
Bowen, Thos.England65North CarolinaNewbergview record
Bows, Wm.England65G 25 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Brown, H. W.NY65D 19 MI Inf.Coveyview record
Brown, H. W.NY65D 19 MI Inf.Coveyview record
Burnett, Andrew J.Ohio65I 19 MI Inf.New Bergview record
Carpenter, JamesCanada65B 8 NY Cav.Jonesview record
Clendennin (Clendening), Jas.Canada65G 13 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Condon, Alondro (Alonzo) D659 IN Inf.Newbergview record
Congdon, A. D.Illinois65I 88 IN Vol.Newburgview record
Conklin, CalvinOhio65C 152 IN Vol.Porterview record
Darlinson, Geo.England65G 2 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
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