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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, C. F.Mass.63F 15 MI Vol. Inf.East Tawasview record
Alguier, J. B.New York63G 60 NY Vol. Inf.East Tawasview record
Amiot, Louis63D 14 WI Inf.view record
Austin, J. B.Amherst, NY63I 1 NY L. A.E. Tawasview record
Ayers, WilliamEngland63E 10 Mi Inf.Tawas Twp.view record
Babcock, R. E.Mich.63E 5 MIEast Tawasview record
Baker, Francis C.Oswego, NY63A 147 NY Inf.East Tawasview record
Barcy, JohnProvince Q63L 17 MI Inf.E. Tawasview record
Bayard, Joseph63Iosco Co.view record
Belknap, L. V.63view record
Benedict, Horace63A 144 NY Vol.view record
Bisbee, Watson F.London, Canada63D 10 MI Inf.Au Sableview record
Bowen, Wm.Macomb, Mich.63I 27 MI Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Braidwood, Geo. S.Thompsonville Corner63I 3 MI Cav.East Tawasview record
Bresnehan, JohnDetroit63H 162 NY Inf.Alabasterview record
Brewer, D. L.63East Tawasview record
Brown, Harry63H 5 RI H. A.view record
Brown, JohnJefferson, NY63H 18 NY Vol. Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Brown, JohnNew York City63B 4 MI Cav.Tawas Cityview record
Brown, Lewis S. L.Warren, Pa.63H 73 NY Inf.East Tawasview record
Bryant, EdwinWarsaw, NY63D 1 NY DragoonsEast Tawasview record
Burgevis, GustinFrance63C 10 NY Cav.Maple Ridgeview record
Burtch, James W.Delaware Co., NY63B 76 NY Inf.Tawas Twp.view record
Butterfield, Geo.Michigan63A 1 MI L. A.Grantview record
Cargill, Edward63view record
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