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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ackley, Martin S.Leslie, M.60G 12 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Albro, H. L.Mich.60G 11 MI I.Onondagaview record
Albro, Orson A.Mich.60B 7 MI Inf.Rives Junctionview record
Andrews, H. E.New York60D 154 NYLeslieview record
Andrews, J. E.NY60G 89 NYLeslieview record
Angel, Elliott H.NY60D 9 MI Inf.Bunkerhillview record
Annis, M. H.New York60C 136 NYLeslieview record
Armstrong, H.Michigan60F 8 MI Cav.Leslieview record
Bailey, SamuelEngland60H 1 MI E&MLeslieview record
Baker, E. E.NY60B 7 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Barlow, AbnerNY60C 8 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Bartlett, H. H.Ohio60G 1 OH L. A.Leslieview record
Beers, Alonzo D.NY60K 3 MI Cav.Bunkerhillview record
Behm, Jesse K.Penn.60E 178 PALeslieview record
Benjamin, M. H.NY60D 10 NY Cav.Edenview record
Bennett, W. H.Wayne Co.60C 11 NYLeslieview record
Bennett, W. F.Genesee Co., NY60H 24 MOLeslieview record
Bishop, R. C.NY60I 12 NY Inf.Leslieview record
Blackman, Emerson P.Ohio60G 68 OH Inf.Leslieview record
Blake, Alonzo J.Canada60D 1 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Blakely, MooreLeslie60G 12 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Bloss, Zeno W.New York60I Merrill HorseBunker Hillview record
Bolton, JeremiahOhio60F 21 OH Inf.Leslieview record
Bond, J. P.Mich.60E 3 MI Cav.Onondagaview record
Borden, EliNY60Gun Boat AvengerLeslieview record
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