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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Abbott, IraCayuga Co., NY6C 1 MI SSHillsdaleview record
Ackland, Robert S.England6H 157 NY Inf.Osseoview record
Alsbro, John T.6G 2 MI Cav.view record
Alsbro, John T.Yates Co., PA6G 2 Mi Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Alverson, Albert A.Saline, MI6B 30 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Anson, ErnstNorwich, CT6C 55 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Appleton, JamesNorfolk, England6G 2 Mi Cav.S.Allenview record
Austin, Darius F.Michigan6G 1 MI E&MHillsdaleview record
Ayrn, Geo. W.Lenawee Co.6A 11 MI Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Baggerly, Chas. E.Phelps, NY6F 126 NY Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Baker, Harper V. D.Seneca Co., NY6D 1 MI Lt. Art.Hillsdaleview record
Baker, IthamerChester, OH6A 18 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Baker, John M.6B 2 MI Art.view record
Baker, John M.Brockport,NY6B 2 MI Art.Hillsdaleview record
Baldwin, Henry D.Bethany, NY62 NY SSHillsdaleview record
Barre, Corvis M.Huron, OH6C 116 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Barrows, A. M.New York State6E 193 NY Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Bates, Israel P.New York6G 2 MI Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Baxter, J. H.Monroe Co., NY6H 23 MI Inf.Bankersview record
Beach, H. R.Marion, NY6H 10 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Bently, Geo. W.617 NY BatteryHillsdaleview record
Berg, WilliamSedan6K 9 OH Inf.Allenview record
Berlin, HiramW. Moreland, OH6I 65 NY Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Berton, HenryMass.6B 1 MI SSHillsdaleview record
Bird, Henry M.Hillsdale627 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
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