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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adriance, W.NY59C 28 NYGobelvilleview record
Ampy, IsamWayne, Ind.59K 54 MA Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Babbett, FranklinMonroe, NY59G 11 MI Inf.Trowbridgeview record
Baldwin, T. H.Adrian, Mich.59I 6 MI Inf.Pine Groveview record
Beardslee, C. H.Marshall, Mich.59F 7 MI Cav.Goblevilleview record
Beck, James59C 100 IN Inf.view record
Bezley, Francis A.Ohio59K 13 MIGobelvilleview record
Biers, SamMY59F 4 NY Cav.Bloomingdaleview record
Blakeman, M. J.Hamilton, NY59G 114 NY Inf.Waverlyview record
Bradshaw, CharlesRochester, NY59H 12 MI Inf.Pine Groveview record
Brookins, William H.Groton, NY59C 47 PA Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Brown, Elijah M.Waren Co., Penn.59A 3 MI Cav.Gobelvilleview record
Brown, Erastus59E 28 Mi Inf.view record
Brown, ErastusGenesee, NY59G 13 MI Inf.Pine Groveview record
Brown, O. L. (S.)Elk Creek, Penn.59E 13 MI Inf.Goblevilleview record
Buckner, MartinGermany59M 1 L. A.Gobelvilleview record
Bush, EliOnondaga Co., NY59G 1 MI E&MPine Groveview record
Bush, PhilemonJerome, Ohio59A 13 MI Inf.Waverlyview record
Butt, JerryErie Co., Penn.59G 105 OH Inf.Almenaview record
Cackley (Cackler), Otis59I 1 MI Cav.view record
Campbell, Walter H.Mich.59G 13 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Clark, Marcus P.Charlott, NY59E 3 MI Cav.Gobelvilleview record
Coffinger, IsaacNY59G 75 NY Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Connam, JamesEngland59G 12 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Connor, James59G 28 MI Inf.view record
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