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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, W. J.NY53C 44 NY I.Alaiedonview record
Albright, F.Mich.53B 20 MI Inf.Masonview record
Albright, FrankMich.53B 20 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Allen, Geo. W.Ohio53B 26 OH Inf.Aleiadanview record
Almond, DavidNew Jersey53F 7 NJ Inf.Aliedonview record
Austin, W.NY53G 13 MI Inf.Onondagaview record
Bailey, Joshua E.NY53F 4 CA IArizona T.view record
Baldwin, E. L. (S.?)Mich.53D 7 MI Cav.Masonview record
Ball, Charles E.NY53H Merrill HorseMasonview record
Barneby, G. L.New York53D 44 NY Inf.Masonview record
Barnhart, C. L.New York53E 154 NY Inf.Masonview record
Bartlett, A. J.Bristol, NY53CMasonview record
Batch, JosephSummerset, O.53A 65 OH Inf.Masonview record
Bateman, DudleyNY53F 8 MI Cav.Aureliusview record
Beecher, S. H.NY5317 NY Ind. Bat.Masonview record
Bell, RobertScotland532 OH Ind. BatteryAureliusview record
Bignal, HenryMich.53A 20 MI Inf.Vevayview record
Bignal, HenryMich.53A 20 MI Inf.Masonview record
Blakely, HughIreland53G 12 MI Inf.Inghamview record
Blakeslee, OscarNew York53E 24 MI Inf.Masonview record
Blanchard, Ezra G.NY53G 12 MI Inf.Wheatfieldview record
Bond, Francis M.Lenewe Co., Mich53B 18 MI Inf.Delhiview record
Bond, H. J.Mich.53E 3 MI Cav.Masonview record
Bortle, Theo.Mich.53I 1 MI E&MMasonview record
Bowen, LeroyNew York53G 151 NY Inf.Masonview record
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