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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Abrams, James E.Clarendon, NY49C 70 NY Inf.Lawrenceview record
Ansman, JacobHerkimer, NY49D 6 NY Inf.Lawrenceview record
Atwell, J. A.Lorain, O.49F 14 OH Inf.Lawrenceview record
Atwell, M. J.Lorain, O.49F 14 OH Vol.Lawrenceview record
Bagley, A. E.Eria, NY49F 15 NY Cav.Lawrenceview record
Baird, W. J.Orangeville, NY49D 14 MO SSLawrenceview record
Barnes, H. G.Oswego, NY49G 66 IL Inf.Lawrenceview record
Barnes, H. G.Oswego, NY49G 66 IL Inf.Lawrenceview record
Barnes, M. W.Whitestown, NY49D 14 MI Inf.Lawrenceview record
Bass, ArmonNorth Carolina49F 27 US Col. Inf.Arlingtonview record
Bates, Israel P.Harmony, NY49G 2 MI Cav.Arlingtonview record
Bidwell, W. L.Pittsfield, Mass.49Lawrenceview record
Branch, FrancisLenawee, Mich.49C 3 MI Cav.Lawrenceview record
Burrell, Chas.Ohio49C 4 MI Cav.Arlingtonview record
Burrell, JasperSteuben, Ind.49H 12 MI Inf.Arlingtonview record
Burt, E. G.Seneca, NY49C 1 Prov. GuardsLawrenceview record
Carris, H. A.NY49D 66 IL Inf.Lawrenceview record
Cash, StephenChenango Co., NY49I 1 MI Art.Lawrenceview record
Clay, W. H.Albermarle Co, Va.499 MI Batt.Lawrenceview record
Cook, Chas.NY49D 66 IL Inf.Lawrenceview record
Cook, J. O.Monroe, NY49K 13 MI Inf.Lawrenceview record
Copeland, JamesScotland49D 154 NY Inf.Lawrenceview record
Craine, S. E.Lake co., Ohio49E 21 OH Inf.Lawrenceview record
Crannel, EdwardSouth Sodus, NY49I 75 NY Inf.Lawrenceview record
Crawford, BartleyMadison, O.49A 107 IL Inf.Lawrenceview record
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