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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bailie, W. J.New York46G 6 MI Inf.Gangesview record
Baker, JohnBergen, Norway46B 8 IL Inf.Clydeview record
Baker, JohnNorway46B 8 IL Inf.Gangesview record
Baldwin, J. H.Litchfield46B 13 MI Inf.Gangesview record
Barnett, JohnHillsboro, O.46C 34 IN Inf.Douglasview record
Bensinger, IsrailHarisV, O.46B 13 MI inf.Gangesview record
Billings, WalterYork State46F 8 MI Cav.Gangesview record
Bixler, ForestFremont, Ohio46F 169 OH I. V.Spring Groveview record
Bond, Geo.Devonsh., Eng.46E 1 OH L. A.Clydeview record
Brewer, Benj.Wayne, Ind.46C 69 IN Inf.Gangesview record
Bridenstine, W. N.Ohio46E 20 MICascoview record
Brodock, Henry M.Hudson, Mich.46F 4 MI Inf.Gangesview record
Brunson, M. M.Hamilton, NY46A 157 NY Inf.Gangesview record
Bushnell, Wm. A.46G 9 IL Cav.Gangesview record
Buys, CorneliusSodus, NY46C 3 MI Cav.Cascoview record
Buys, W. W.Wayne, NY46C 8 MI Cav.Cascoview record
Cady, Lewis C.Pennsylvania46B 11 MI Inf.Cascoview record
Carman, O. P.Ohio46I 17 MI Inf.Gangesview record
Chamberlain, NewtonLorane, Ohhio46F 1 MI E&MFernvilleview record
Clopp, G. T.Medina, Ohio46K 42 OH Inf.Gangesview record
Coats, Geo. A.Essex Co., NY46I 28 MI Inf.Cascoview record
Cotton, EdwinNew York46H 24 MI Inf.Fernvilleview record
Cunningham, EdwardNY46Bat. AGangesview record
Daily, Geo. W.46view record
Davis, David L.46I 3 MI Inf.view record
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