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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Abel, Wm. A.Mich.42E 16 MI Inf.Bathview record
Acker, Gideon42L 16 NY H. A.Lansingview record
Adams, Chas. H.Oakland, Mich.42G 3 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Adams, Edward J.Burlington, M.42B 2 MI S. S.Lansingview record
Albert, Geo.Germany42I 72 OH Inf.Holtview record
Albright, Frank T.Mich.42B 20 MIview record
Aldrich, Chas.N. York42E 20 IN Vols.North Lansingview record
Allen, E. D.Ohio42D 20 OH Inf.Lansingview record
Allen, James A.Ohio42I 99 OH V. I.Alaidonview record
Aller, Edwin D.Ohio42D 20 OH Inf.Lansingview record
Allertson, RichardNew York42H 3 WI Cav.Lansingview record
Allertson, Richard42I 14 MI Inf.view record
Alsdorf, Cyrus4214 MI Inf.view record
Alton, Albert M.42D 118 IN I.view record
Amsbaugh, AdamOhio42C 100 OHview record
Anderson, JohnPenn.42D 98 PA Inf.Lansingview record
Anderson, LebiusNY42B 16 NY H. A.Lansingview record
Anderson, LebiusElmira, NY42B 16 NY H. A.Lansingview record
Andrews, A. E.Canada42F 16 MI V. I.Lansingview record
Armstrong, DavidNY City42D 1 NY Mtd RiflesLansingview record
Arnold, Jas. A.Sandusky, Ohio42F 67 IL Inf.Lansingview record
Ashley, Isaac N.Grafton, NY42G 20 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Atkins, Israel G.42view record
Austin, Byron G.New York42E 3 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Autman, Sylvester42view record
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