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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ackley, J. L.Tompkins Co., NY41L 1 WI Cav.Chelseaview record
Allyn, James S.Dexter41A 15 MIDexterview record
Andrews, Jno. W.Vermont41E 7 MI Cav.Chelseaview record
Bates, C. F.41D 20 MI Inf.view record
Blodgett, W.Wayne Co., NY41K 4 MI Inf.Dexterview record
Burch, Joseph C.N. York41I 22 MISylvanview record
Campbell, M. M.New York41F 20 MI Inf..Chelseaview record
Campbell, Wm. A.Rochester, NY41A 11 NY H. A.Chelseaview record
Canfield, WesleyRenselaire, NY41A 30 MI InfChelseaview record
Chapman, A. W.Grass Lake, Mich.41E 17 MI Inf.Sylvanview record
Collins, Charles E.Lyndon, Mich.41F 1 MI Inf.Lyndonview record
Congdon, A. S.Sylvan, Mich.41E 24 MI Vol.Chelseaview record
Conk, Lewis L.N. Jersey41H 29 NJChelseaview record
Crane, A. D.41view record
Crowell, Geo. J.41K 20 MIview record
Doan, E. R.41K 20 Inf.view record
Doane, E. R.Dexter, Mich.41K 20 MI Inf.Dexterview record
Donner, Wm. F.Germany41E 1 MI Inf.Chelseaview record
Dorr, C. C.Sharon, Mich.41F 20 MI Inf.Sharonview record
Fallen, MichaelIreland41C 2 MI Cav.Chelseaview record
Fields, Wm. H.Michigan41K 4 MI Vol.Dexterview record
Franklin, HenrySchohari, NY41I 24 MI Inf.Sylvanview record
Gallup, H. M.Erie Co., NY4117 MI Inf.Ypsilantiview record
Gilbert, Henry F.Brockport, NY41A 30 MI Inf.Chelseaview record
Gorman, EdwardLyndon, Mich.41I 111 IL Inf.Lyndonview record
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