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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ackerman, James R.Penna3912 MIMich.view record
Ackerman, James R.Penna.3912 MI Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Armstrong, Aaron G.Indiana39L 16 IL Cav.Berrien Springsview record
Bays, James C.W. Va.39K 11 MI Cav.Stevensvilleview record
Benhard, Ed39B 16 MIBerrien Springsview record
Benson, JoelNY39I 12 MIMich.view record
Beshens, Chas.Germany39H 68 NYMich.view record
Bidinger, J. C.Ohio39I 12 MIOronokoview record
Blanchard, Geo. L.39Berrien Springsview record
Bowers, AlfredMass.39Brigade BandOronokoview record
Brayman, Nelson E.S. N. Y.39G 1 MI S. S.Berrien Springsview record
Brown, DariusOhio39I 12 MIOronoko Tpview record
Brown, DariusOhio39I 12 MI Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Bryon, P. O.39C 25 MIBerrien Springsview record
Burton, Wm.Mich.39B 17 MIBerrien Springsview record
Claas, GuyePenna39Brigade BandBerrien Springsview record
Clark, LochlinOhio39L 3 MI Cav.Oronokoview record
Cory, SylvesterNY39A 51 ILBerrien Twpview record
Davis, Andrew J.NY39I 12 MIOronoko Tpview record
Davis, Nelson J.3956 US C. T.view record
DeField, JohnMich.39C 105 IL Inf.Benton Harborview record
Deo, OscarMich.39I 19 MIOronokoview record
Dexter (Dester), Wm.Ohio39C 25 MIBerrien Springsview record
Dix, Roscoe D.Mich.39K 2 MI Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Dunwoody, GeorgeNew York39E 124 NYBerrien Springsview record
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