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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Barleon, Jr., GeorgeN. O. , La.36C 33 OH V. Inf.Berrien Centerview record
Benhard, EdwardGermany36B 16 MI S. S.Berrienview record
Booth, J. H.Portage, O.36C. 12 KS Inf.Berrien Centerview record
Bowerman, MichaelCrawford, O.36A 29 IN Inf.Berrienview record
Bowers, J. H.Penna.36L 10 OH V. Cav.Summervilleview record
Brown, LeviLafaette, Ind.36E 13 MI Inf.Berrien Twp.view record
Brown, Wm. H.Carl, Ind36E 13 MI Inf.Pipestoneview record
Brownell, Chas. S.NY36I 12 MI Inf.Berrien Centerview record
Buelen, NathanielSt. Joe Co., Ind.36C 73 INPokagonview record
Ceaser, JuliusVirginia36F 8 US C. T.Nilesview record
Clark, James R.Mass.36E 12 MI Inf.EauClaire, Mich.view record
Clark, Wm. J.Penna.36E 12 MI Inf.Pipestoneview record
Clyborne, W. A.Berrien, Mich.36A 12 MI Inf.Berrienview record
Cozins, BenjaminColwell, (KY ?)36G 102 US C. T.Nilesview record
Dewitt, JamesCarmel36L 2 MI Cav.Pipestoneview record
Elliott, WilliamStark, Ohio36K 42 OH V. Inf.Pipestoneview record
Fifer, JamesInd.36B 30 IN Inf.Berrien Centerview record
Freeman, A.Ind.36G 11 MI Inf.Berrien Twp.view record
Gray, WilliamGlasgow, Scot.36F 25 MI Inf.Eauclaireview record
Hand, Michael A.36D 2 MI Inf.Summervilleview record
Harrington, NathenNY36I 12 MI Inf.Pipestoneview record
Harris, Chas. W.Virginia36B 102 US C. T.Nilesview record
Head, JacobTiffin, O.36C 20 IN Inf.Berrien Centerview record
Hess, HenryCrawford, O.36C 49 OH V. Inf.Berrien Centerview record
Hess, IsaacCrawford, O.36B 7 MI Cav.Berrien Centerview record
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