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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, Chas. H.Wayne, Illinois34F 105 ILOtsegoview record
Allen, AlexandreArgyle, NY34B 28 MI Vol.Otsegoview record
Amrick, GeorgeElmira, NY34H 31 WI Inf.Alanoview record
Annable, J. A.New York34A 11 MI Cav.Trowbridgeview record
Atkins, S. W.Watson, Mich.34I 5 MI C.Otsegoview record
Baird, George L.Wayne, NY34B 19Otsegoview record
Baughman, H. E.Ohio34A 3 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Bear, W. J.Penn.34D 79 PA Vol.Otsegoview record
Beebe, J. F.New York34L 4 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Belcher, CharlesKalamazoo, Mich.34I 1 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Bice, J. J.New York34I 76 NY Inf.Otsegoview record
Blair, W. L.34view record
Blakeman, A. A.M Clemans34C 13 OH Cav.Otsegoview record
Bonner, EphramNew York34C 81 NY Inf.Otsegoview record
Bowersox, JohnOhio34H 184 OH Inf.Otsegoview record
Brainerd, D.34I 125 NY V.view record
Brewster, C. B.New York34A 13 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Brockway, O. B.New York34A 13 MI Vol.Alamoview record
Brundage, AlfredVermont34H 1 MI Eng.Otsegoview record
Brundage, SidneyBurlington, Vt.34B 19 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Carpenter, A. D.Yates co. , NY34L 4 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Carrier, W. C.New York34D 9 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Carruthers, OliverCaledonia, NY34I 2 MI Inf.Watsonview record
Chapman, M. C.Mass.34K 34 MAOtsegoview record
Chase, MiltonMonroe, Mich.34A 6 MI IOtsegoview record
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