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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Aldrich, S. A.Calhoun, MI3 (B)M 6 MI Cav.Blue Lakeview record
Anderson, ChristianDenmark3 (B)K 51 NY Inf.White Riverview record
Asby, Thos.Delavin, WI3 (B)C 34 IN Inf.Whitehallview record
Austin, J. W. B.Brewer, ME3 (B)F 2 ME Inf.Montagueview record
Baker, FrankGermany3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Montagueview record
Baker, MichaelGermany3 (B)M 10 MI Cav.Whitehallview record
Barker, GeoKent, CT3 (B)E 15 US Inf.Montagueview record
Barton, W S.Courtland, NY3 (B)Gun Boat Cricket US NavyMontagueview record
Batchelder, Wm D.Yorkville, MI3 (B)D 12 MI Inf.White Riverview record
Bemis, Albert F.Mentz, NY3 (B)A 26 MI Inf.Montagueview record
Bemis, Charles E.Michigan3 (B)A 151 IN Inf.Montagueview record
Bigelow, H. M.Lancaster, OH3 (B)I 1 CA Inf.Montagueview record
Bliss, ArielSheffield, OH3 (B)3 WI BatteryWhitehallview record
Boardmill, JamesRochester, NY3 (B)E 36 WI Inf.Montagueview record
Bohn, AdamGermany3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Whitehallview record
Bratton, AndrewMichigan3 (B)G 12 MI Inf.Montagueview record
Breeding, MannoahOhio3 (B)D 47 IN Inf.Montagueview record
Briese, John3 (B)F 45 WI Inf.view record
Briese, JohnGermany3 (B)I 9 WI Inf.Montagueview record
Brown, NelsonCape Gerideau, MO3 (B)C 60 Col'd Inf.Whitehallview record
Buchannan, EdwinTioga, PA3 (B)D 66 IL Inf.Montagueview record
Burdick, Geo.King, PA3 (B)H 46 PA Inf.Montagueview record
Burgess, J. J.Michigan3 (B)G 12 MI Inf.Whitehallview record
Bush, Geo. E.3 (B)C 22 MI Inf.view record
Cady, Thos. H.Rochester, NY3 (B)A 1 WI HAMontagueview record
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