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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Barden, AllenNY283H 100 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Barden, Alonzo I.NY283D 9 MI Inf.Sunfieldview record
Beaver, MartinOhio283B 57 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Bishop, D.NY283D 101 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Bosworth, Wm. H. H.Ohio283H 6 MI H. A.Roxandview record
Bowen, S. E.NY283E 100 IL I.Sunfieldview record
Brailey, ElishaOhio283G 126 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Cole, John W.Pa.283A 165 PA V. I.Sebewaview record
Cole, John W.283G 200 PA V. I.view record
Cooly, W. A.Ohio283K 164 Oh V. I.Sunfieldview record
Coy, Francis E.NY283C 9 MI V. I.Sunfieldview record
Darrow, I. H.Penn.283E 54 PA V. I.Sunfieldview record
Day, J. E.NY28313 IN L. A.Detroitview record
Day, J. E.NY28313 IN L. A.Sunfieldview record
Demond, C. S.NY283G 12 MI I.Sunfieldview record
Edwins, Wm.New York283K 6 MI C.Sunfieldview record
Eldred, J. A.Mich.283D 8 MI Cav.Sunfieldview record
Evans, HarrisonNY283D 21 MI Inf.Sebewaview record
Fay, WesleyOhio283C 55 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Fender, A.Ohio283K 185 OH V. I.Sebewaview record
Fleetham, Joseph O/NY283G 10 MI Cav.Sunfieldview record
Fornia, PeterMich.283A 4 MI V. I.Sunfieldview record
Friend, F. N.Ohio283E 6 MI Cav.Sunfieldview record
Gross, HenryOhio283K 51 OH Inf.Woodburyview record
Heaton, L. J.Mich.283D 21 MI I.Sunfieldview record
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