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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, ByranNew York28 (C)H 10 NYSebewaingview record
Alexander, SimonOhio28 (C)G L. A.Sebewaingview record
Bailey, Hugh28 (C)E 24 MI Inf.view record
Baker, Thomas J.Vermont28 (C)A 1 MI Inf.Harbor Beachview record
Baker, Thomas J.28 (C)K 10 MI Inf.view record
Beach, Watson28 (C)D 10 MI Inf.view record
Blakely, Spencer H.28 (C)B 189 OHview record
Bowman, Walter28 (C)K 9 NY H. A.view record
Brodbeck, JohnGermany28 (C)I 15 Inf.Sebewaingview record
Buttons, JohnEngland28 (C)Gunboat Avenger US NavyPort Huronview record
Clark, CharlesOhio28 (C)E 8 MI Inf.White Rockview record
Clark, John F.28 (C)D 22 MI Inf.view record
Collins, John G.28 (C)F 24 MI Inf.view record
Cutler, Deane P.28 (C)C 2 MI Cav.view record
Donnellie (Donnollin?), JohnIreland28 (C)G 7 MI Inf.Tyreview record
Elzler, WilliamGermany28 (C)H 23 Mi Inf.Port Austinview record
Farrar, George S.28 (C)Gunboat Forest Rose US Navyview record
Farrar, George S.Michigan28 (C)G 8 MI Cav.Port Austinview record
Foster, Calvin28 (C)view record
Frank, Albert28 (C)H 15 MI Inf.view record
Galloway, Chauncy28 (C)10 NY L. A.view record
Gill, Henry28 (C)H 3 MI Cav.Port Austinview record
Golden, Anthony28 (C)H 9 MI Inf.view record
Heath, ChandlerMinnesota28 (C)H 3 MI Cav.Port Austinview record
Helms, Henry B.Canada28 (C)C 15 MI Inf.Port Austinview record
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