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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, ByranNew York28 (C)H 10 NYSebewaingview record
Alexander, SimonOhio28 (C)G L. A.Sebewaingview record
Bailey, Hugh28 (C)E 24 MI Inf.view record
Baker, Thomas J.28 (C)K 10 MI Inf.view record
Baker, Thomas J.Vermont28 (C)A 1 MI Inf.Harbor Beachview record
Beach, Watson28 (C)D 10 MI Inf.view record
Blakely, Spencer H.28 (C)B 189 OHview record
Bowman, Walter28 (C)K 9 NY H. A.view record
Brodbeck, JohnGermany28 (C)I 15 Inf.Sebewaingview record
Buttons, JohnEngland28 (C)Gunboat Avenger US NavyPort Huronview record
Clark, CharlesOhio28 (C)E 8 MI Inf.White Rockview record
Clark, John F.28 (C)D 22 MI Inf.view record
Collins, John G.28 (C)F 24 MI Inf.view record
Cutler, Deane P.28 (C)C 2 MI Cav.view record
Donnellie (Donnollin?), JohnIreland28 (C)G 7 MI Inf.Tyreview record
Elzler, WilliamGermany28 (C)H 23 Mi Inf.Port Austinview record
Farrar, George S.28 (C)Gunboat Forest Rose US Navyview record
Farrar, George S.Michigan28 (C)G 8 MI Cav.Port Austinview record
Foster, Calvin28 (C)view record
Frank, Albert28 (C)H 15 MI Inf.view record
Galloway, Chauncy28 (C)10 NY L. A.view record
Gill, Henry28 (C)H 3 MI Cav.Port Austinview record
Golden, Anthony28 (C)H 9 MI Inf.view record
Heath, ChandlerMinnesota28 (C)H 3 MI Cav.Port Austinview record
Helms, Henry B.Canada28 (C)C 15 MI Inf.Port Austinview record
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