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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Angel, Wm.25view record
Bacer, Jacob25H 6 MI H.A.Ogden Centerview record
Bailey, Herbert D.England25H 15 MI Inf.Ogdenview record
Bailey, RichardEngland25H 15 MI Inf.Ogdenview record
Bailey, Robert L.England25H 15 MI Inf.Ogdenview record
Bailey, Samuel E.England25H 15 MI Inf.Ogdenview record
Balema (?), DanielMich.25I 126 NY Vols.Madisonview record
Banes, G. W.Lucas Co., O.25B 20 OH V.I.Ogdenview record
Banes, G. W.25B 20 OH V.I.view record
Bardsley, A. S.Acron, Ohio25G 19 OH V. I.Ogden Centerview record
Barnes, A. A.25L 9 OH V. C.view record
Baser, AaronOhio25K 185 OH V. I.Ogdenview record
Bateman, EmanuelNY25I 124 NY Inf.Jasperview record
Bay, DanielOgden25F 1 MI LancersOgdenview record
Bay, F.25view record
Beatty, Alpheus25view record
Bently, JonathanState of NY25B 4 MI Inf.Fairfieldview record
Berray, Joel S.NY25G 64 NY I.Fairfieldview record
Berry, Joel S.NY25G 1 NY BatteryFairfieldview record
Bitley, JohnNew York25F 7 MI Cav.Palmyra T.view record
Bittey, Wm.Palmyra25G 1 MI E&MPalmyraview record
Blake, C. L.New York25K 18 NY Cav.Ogden T.view record
Bolton, JamesAshtabula, O.25K 11 MI Inf.Ogden Centerview record
Bradley, Newton25view record
Broch, WilliamNY City25A 17 MI Inf.Fairfieldview record
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