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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ackerson, Pettis J.Branch Co., Mich.23K 2 MI Inf.Leeview record
Allen, ForbsNY23G 1 MI E&MBloomingdaleview record
Anderson, DavidBenger, NY23H 19 MI Inf.Berlamontview record
Anton, MarvinMendon, Mich.23I 1 MI Cav.Glendaleview record
Arnold, A. J.Jermany23C 89 NY Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Austin, FrankMonroe, Ny23E 28 MI Inf.Leeview record
Austin, H. H.Genesee Co., NY23B 14 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Austin, H. H.N.Y.23B 14 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Austin, HenryNY23E 28 MI Inf.Leeview record
Bagley, MalleyN. Y.23G 187 NYBloomingdaleview record
Baird, E. J.23H 177 OH Inf.view record
Baird, E. J.Bridgewater, Vt.236 OH BatteryCheshireview record
Banks, Jacob23view record
Beardsley, Levi P.Orleans, NY23F 2 MI Inf.Waverlyview record
Beardsley, Udney A.Msh., Ind.232 IN BatteryBloomingdaleview record
Beckes, JacobGermany23C 23 ILColumbiaview record
Beldin, GeorgeCharlestown, Ohio23G 13 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Berkhead, JamesJackson, Mich.23C 1 MI Cav.Lee, Allegan Co.view record
Blodget, P. H.Mass. (?)23D 5 WI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Boran, EdwardPenn.23D 74 PA Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Brewster, Geo.Cleveland, Ohio231 OH Arty.Bloomingdaleview record
Brotherton, A.White Pigeon, Mich.23K 2 MI Cav.Bloomingdaleview record
Bulen, ChanceyHartland, NY23M 7 NY L. A.Bloomingdaleview record
Bulhand, ElijahCaugau(?) Co., NY23K 102 OH Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Burdick, John I. (?)NY23I 5 MI Cav.Waverlyview record
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