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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Abbe, DavidMass.21H 28 MISt. Josephview record
Abbe, JasperMich.21L 7 MI Cav.Lincolnview record
Aber, Dan'l J.Orleans Co., NY21K 1 NY Art.St. Josephview record
Allison, Henry C.Ohio21A 19 MILincolnview record
Babcock, Wm. C.New York21D 132 ILBridgemanview record
Backu ?, Andrew21view record
Backus, Harvey R.2112 MI Vet. Vols.view record
Ball, James21view record
Barnes, Henry C.New York21H 6 IA Inf.St. Josephview record
Barnes, Jeffrey T.New York21C 2 NY Cav.Bridgemanview record
Bedunah, H.21C 11 NY Cav.view record
Bedunah, H.New York21D 146 NYSt. Josephview record
Bell, LouisInd.21F 102 US CT.St. Josephview record
Benedict, Edwin M.Illinois21B 124 ILSt. Josephview record
Blake, A. L.New York21K 1 WI Inf.St. Josephview record
Blakeman, Joel21G 12 MIBridgemanview record
Bost, Chas.21view record
Boswell, Jas. M.Ohio21I 19 MI Inf.Royaltonview record
Botham, T. H.England21L 3 MI Cav.St. Josephview record
Boughton, J. C.St. Joseph, Mich.21B 6 MI Cav.St. Josephview record
Brant, J. M.Mich.21I 28 MIRoyaltonview record
Brighthaupt, C. E.Ohio21K 87 OHBridgemanview record
Briney, Eli J.Mich.21A 7 MI Cav.Royaltonview record
Britton, WarrenNew York21K 10 NY Art.St. Josephview record
Brown, Wm. N.New York217 MI Cav.Lincolnview record
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