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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Acker, Charles W.Kendell, NY20E 13 NY Inf.Hartfordview record
Aikins, Wm. S.Erie Co., NY20H 28 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Anderson, NelsSweden20AHartfordview record
Appleton, Ephriam P.Burton, Maine20Chicago Board of Trade BatteryHartfordview record
Baird, Omer A.Orleans Co., NY20H 66 IL Inf.Hartfordview record
Baldwin, MosesNew York20G 28 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Barkly, F. W.Portage Co., Ohio20M 1 MI Cav.Lawrenceview record
Barnes, H. G.New York20G 66 IL Inf.Hartfordview record
Barnum, John F.Orleans Co., NY20M 1 MI Cav.Hartfordview record
Bartlett, A. J.New York20G 28 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Beal, FranklinClinton Co., NY20B 12 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Bennett, Wm.Columbiana Co., Ohio20I 19 OH V. Inf.Hartfordview record
Branch, VineOrangeville, Ny20D 66 ILHartfordview record
Bridges, LymanClinton Co., NY20C 96 NY V. Inf.Hartfordview record
Brown, Chas W.20E 9 MI Cav.view record
Burlingame, RausilaJefferson Co., NY20A 20 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Camfield, MortimerStuben Co., NY20H 1 MN Inf.Hartfordview record
Carter, John M.New York20E 10 NY H. A.Hartfordview record
Challons, ClarkElisburg, Jeff Co NY20H 6 NY H. A.Hartfordview record
Chandler, A. H.Stamstead, Can.20G 6 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Chandler, Alonzo H.Stanstead, Canada20G 6 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Chandler, Alonzo H.Stanstead, Canada20G 6 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Cochran, Nathan C.Stark Co., Ohio20F 12 IN V. I.Hartfordview record
Cole, John F.Ontario Co. NY20D 151 NY Inf.Hartfordview record
Coleman, SterlingMedina, O.20H 49 INHartfordview record
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