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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adair, James H.Monroe Co., OH2B 4 MI Inf.Alganseeview record
Allen, JohnSchnectedy, NY2G 1 MI LAQuincyview record
Allen, JohnNew York2G 1 MI LAQuncy, MIview record
Allis, A.2view record
Austin, B. A.2view record
Austin, BenjaminHuntington, VT2K 7 VT Inf.view record
Austin, Wesley J.Steuben Co., NY2F 1 MI LAQuincyview record
Bailey, M. M.Michigan2D 5 MI Cav.Quincy, MIview record
Bailey, Marvin H.Niagra Co., NY2I 2 NY Riflesview record
Bailey, W. J.2view record
Bailey, William J.Canada2D 100 NY Inf.view record
Ballent, B.2view record
Barber, HenryMassachusetts2H 14 OHQuincyview record
Barjarow, AugustusReading, MI2B 11 MI CavQuincy, MIview record
Barker, Joseph H.Huron Co., OH2I 1 MI SSQuincyview record
Barnes, CharlesHuron, OH2A 1 MI LAQuincyview record
Barnes, CharlesHuron, OH2A 1 MI LAview record
Batchelder, LabiusHillsdale, MI2G 8 MI Cav.Quincy, MIview record
Bates, A.Ohio2G 14 MI Vets.California, MIview record
Becker, JerrimiaNew York2A 9 NY HAQuincyview record
Beebe, Daniel? Co., NY2I 3 NY Cav.Quincyview record
Belote, Alva J.Quincy2I 11 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Benjamin, I. A.Michigan2L 11 MI LAQuincyview record
Bennett, C. W.Michigan2G 9 MI Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Bennett, Guy E.Leneway Co., MI2H 12 IL Cav.Quincyview record
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