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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Abbott, John19view record
Ackerson, Peter J.Branch, Mich.19K 2 MI Inf.Bangorview record
Ackley, Levi19K 21 OH Inf.view record
Adams, Nathan19view record
Albright, H. M.Marion, OH19D 82 OH Inf.Bangorview record
Allen, ErastusOnondaga, NY19K 13 MI Inf.Columbiaview record
Allen, L. D.New York19E 157 OHColumbiaview record
Allen, Wm.Huron Co. Ohip19G 123 OH Inf.Columbiaview record
Arnold, Andrew J.Ohio19D 32 OH Vol.Bangorview record
Ashley, W. H.Arbon, O.19K 13 MI Inf.Arlingtonview record
Austin, W. P.New York19C 19 OH Inf.Bangorview record
Baker, AbrahamPa.19K 67 IN Inf.Genevaview record
Baker, OrsonWatertown, NY19C 3 MI Cav.Bangorview record
Bame, NicholasOhio19E 24 OH Inf.Bangorview record
Barrenger, JohnMich.194 IN Batt.Columbiaview record
Beard, Philotus19view record
Beaver, W. H.New York19C 3 MI Cav.Arlingtonview record
Benton, Irwin19A 36 ILBangorview record
Bewley, T. P.Pa.19G 13 MI Inf.Columbiaview record
Bewly, Jonathan R.Mich.19K 13 MI Inf.Breedsvilleview record
Biddle, ThomasOhio19E 44 IN Inf.Bangorview record
Blaisdell, JohnSavanah, NY19C 3 MI Cav.Arlingtonview record
Bliss, George L.New York19D 66 IL Inf.Lee, Allegan Co.view record
Bolles, Robert K.Ohio19M 3 MI Cav.Bangorview record
Bowen, H. H.New York19A 8 NY Art.Bangorview record
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