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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Acker, LeviPenn.18C 100 IL Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Adsit, Abram18M 14 MIview record
Adsit, Benj.18Traverse Cityview record
Adsley, E.England18A 28 US Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Albright, DexterPenn.18B 143 PA Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Anderson, Saml18I 51 OHview record
Anness, Geo. W.England18I 12 OHInlandview record
Anton, JamesMich.18K 9 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Augustine, Wm. F.Ohio18F 143 INTraverse Cityview record
Avery, HarvyCanada18Traverse Cityview record
Baird, J. E.New York18A 17 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Barber, E. D.Mich.18A 11 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Barber, Jno.England18D 7 IN Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Bartholomew, HarvyNew York18B 56 IL Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Bate, W. A.England18B 1 WITraverse Cityview record
Beach, HoglandNew York18M 10 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Beadle, James T.England18A 1 MI H. Art.Traverse Cityview record
Beamer, Chas. W.New York18K 185 OH Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Becker, JeremiahNew York18E 127 IL Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Benner, L. E.Canada18E 60 NY Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Bennicar, E. H.18B 60 NY Inf.view record
Blackman, J. R.New York18I 96 NYTraverse Cityview record
Blanchard, J. J.New York18G 21 OHOmenaview record
Bondeau, NarcisusFrance18Traverse Cityview record
Booth, Samuel J.Mich.18F 1 MI Inf.Blair, Gr. Trav. Coview record
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