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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, AlbertMichigan16C 8 MI Cav.Evartview record
Allen, Wm. H.New York16F 2 MI Inf.Evartview record
Andrews, David B.New H16B 22 MI Inf.Evartview record
Andrews, Isaac A.Michigan16B 30 MI Inf.Searsview record
Bair, JeremiahOhio16D 13 OH V. I.Evartview record
Beatty, WilliamScotland16D 37 WI Inf.Winterfieldview record
Beeman, Edgar M.New York16Norfolk Brig. BandEvartview record
Bell, Eugene B.Mass.16C 174 OH Inf.Evartview record
Bidwell, Geo.16view record
Bisbee, James A.New York16H 27 MI V. I.Evartview record
Bisbee, Lucius A.New York16B 12 NY Cav.Evartview record
Blood, Hiram16view record
Bone, FrancisIreland16E 27 MI Vols.Coldwaterview record
Boonsteel, JohnNew York16C 3 MI Cav.Evartview record
Bowley, GideonGarner, ME16C 2 ME Cav.Evartview record
Bremer, IsaacOhio16M 9 IL Cav.Marionview record
Brick, WillardIllinois16A 47 ILEvartview record
Briggs, HarryOhio16F 5 MI Inf.Evartview record
Bush, Orville M.New York State16B 5 NY Art.Evartview record
Buss, H. B.16C 3 MI Cav.view record
Butler, Abslom E.England16F 3 MI Inf.Evartview record
Butler, Charles A.16F 3 MI Cav.view record
Button, OrenMichigan16B 8 MI Cav.Evartview record
Campbell, AllenNew York16F 1 MI E&MEvartview record
Cannon, Ellery C.Michigan16B 22 MI V. I.Evartview record
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