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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Adams, LouisNew York15F 111 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Allison, StephenOhio15D 27 OH Inf.Ludingtonview record
Amigh, Geo.Troy, NY15B 11 NY Vol.Ludingtonview record
Andree, GeorgePrussia15Miss. SquadronScottvilleview record
Armstrong, Jas. W.New York1510 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Bailey, W. A.Richmond, IA15H 7 IA Inf.Weldon Creekview record
Baker, EdgarMilton, VT15C 7 IL Inf.Ludingtonview record
Bannister, EliEngland15C 16 PA Cav.Ludingtonview record
Barber, O. E.Ohio15E 129 OH Inf.Ludingtonview record
Barnes, JamesPenfield, NY15G 9 MI Inf.Scottvilleview record
Barnes, Thos.England15I 190 PA Inf.Victory Tp.view record
Barnett, Benj. F.Homer, NY15C 20 NY Cav.Branchview record
Barron, S. M.15view record
Bates, Lucius O.New York15H 4 MI Cav.Branch Townshipview record
Beatty, WilliamScotland15D 37 WI Inf.Sumit Townshipview record
Benson, John L.15Forest Roseview record
Benson, John L.15L 4 IL Cav.Ludingtonview record
Benton, AlbertGenesee Co., NY15C 12 IL Cav.Ludingtonview record
Bice, Stephen15view record
Bier, Ira SNew York15F 4 NY Prov. Cav.Ludingtonview record
Biggs, C. F. H.New York152 OH Cav.Ludingtonview record
Bigsby, AlbertIndiana15B 17 MI Inf.Rivertonview record
Bishop, Rowell P.New York15C 43 NY Vol.Ludingtonview record
Brayman, M.Haricon, WI15K 39 WI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Britton, James H.Germany15D 2 NHLudingtonview record
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