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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Aitchison, J. R.New York143 KS Bat.Benton Harborview record
Akins, Wm. S.Erie Co., NY14H 28 MI Vol.Bainbridgeview record
Allen, I. M.Senneca Co., NY14I 12 MI Inf.Sodusview record
Anable, WilliamGrand Blanc, MI14H 28 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Aspell, JamesIreland14D 69 NY Inf.Benton Harborview record
Atkins, H. L.State of Ohio14E 1 OH Art.Benton Harborview record
Aumock, Josephus145 IN Bat.view record
Austin, Geo. H.Wilna, NY14I 79 PA Inf.Benton Harborview record
Austin, John P.Schyler Co., NY14M 3 NY L. A.Benton Harborview record
Ayer, Benj.New York14I 1 Mi Cav.Benton Harborview record
Ayers, Geo. W.Michigan14A 11 MI Cav.Benton Harborview record
Babcock, Geo. W.Courtland Co., NY14I 12 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Bagley, A. E.New York14F 5 NY Cav.Benton Harborview record
Bahr, JohnMichigan14K 94 IL Inf.Benton Harborview record
Baker, Royal W.B. Vermont14K 13 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Baker, Wm. A.Wayne Co. Ohio14K 178 OH Inf.Colomaview record
Ballinger, DavidSalem Co., NY14H 12 NJ Inf.Benton Harborview record
Barnes, John E.St. Joe, IN14I 12 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Barnum, T. A.Orleans Co., NY14M 1 MI Cav.Benton Harborview record
Barry, Theo. F.Yates, NY14K 1 NY L. A.Benton Harborview record
Becker, WilliamClayton, NY14B 12 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Bedunah, HoseaNew York14D 146 NY Inf.Benton Harborview record
Beeman, H. L.Rochester, NY14I 6 WI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Bernard, H. J.New York14B 108 NYBenton Harborview record
Bevelhymer, J. W.Franklin Co., Ohio14F 188 OH Inf.Benton Harborview record
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