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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Akley, GilbertNew York12K 86 NY Inf.Deerfieldview record
Axtell, Jehial F.Wayne Co., New York12C 1 MI Berdan SSDeerfieldview record
Barrett, JamesBlisfield12L 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
Barth, JohnGermany12G 140 NYDeerfieldview record
Beach, Cyrus Y.Vermont12A 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Bechtold, BaptistBaden, Germany12C 5 US Art.Deerfieldview record
Beemer, Philip12F 2 CO Cav.view record
Berry, SamuelLucas Co., Ohio12E 100 OH V. I.Deerfieldview record
Bliss, OscarOrleans, New York12B 8 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Bliss, Web12C 18 MIview record
Bragg, DanielDeerfield12H 15 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Bragg, MyronAligan, MI12K 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Bragg, NathanNew York12H 15 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Burnham, E. E.Monroe Co., Mich12C 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Burton, Mortimer12B 6 MI H.A.view record
Cannon, WilliamEngland12G 8 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Carey, Franklin12H 11 MI Inf.view record
Carrach, WilliamPrussia, Germany12K 15 MI Inf.Summersfieldview record
Christ, A. H.Dauphine, PA12H 15 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Collins, Jacob12H 100 OH V.I.view record
Cook, E. F.Germany12B 2 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Craig, CharlesCough, Ireland12C 6 US Cav.Whitefordview record
Dailey, JeffersonOhio12E 8 OH VIDeerfieldview record
Denire, Carlos12view record
Dowd, FrancisOhio12A 189 OH Inf.Deerfieldview record
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