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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Pierce, SylvesterNew York72C 6 MI H. A.Fabiusview record
Pierson, Wm. B.Michigan72C 15 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Place, L. B.Delaware, O.72G 136 OH N. G.Three Riversview record
Porter, W. C.England72G 24 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Post, BelaCastile, NY.72H 9 NY Cav.Three Riversview record
Powers, Lyman A.Mich.72D 136 IN Inf.Three Riversview record
Preble, Oliver P.Preble Co., O.72K 101 IN Inf.Three Riversview record
Pugh, SamuelPennsylvania72D 1 MI L. A.Three Riversview record
Pugh, SamuelPenn.72D 1 MI L. A.Three Riversview record
Quake, John72E 13 MI Inf.view record
Randall (?), John72view record
Rank, JosiahPenn.72C L. A.Three Riversview record
Rauck (?), Josiah72C 1 PA L. A.view record
Rawson, Henry C.72Three Riversview record
Raymond, John M.Mich.72H 11 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Reble, Oliver P.Preble Co., Ohio72K 101 IN Vols.Three Riversview record
Reish, SolomonUnion Co., Pa72E 13 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
Rice, Chas.Rochester, NY72Band 11 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Rich, Calvin72Three Riversview record
Ripley, L. G.Barre, Vt.72B 10 VT Vol.Three Riversview record
Roberts, Wm. G.Virginia72B 1 VA Inf.Three Riversview record
Roberts, Wm. G.72D 2 WV Inf.view record
Rockwell, David72A 11 MI Inf.Park Townshipview record
Rossman, WillsonHuron, NY72H 1 MI L. A.Three Riversview record
Rumbaugh, Thos.722 MI Inf.Constantineview record
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