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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
May, Sayles K.40Charlotteview record
McAlister, Orin P.?, Penn.40D 132 PA Inf.Charlotteview record
McAlpine, FrankNew York40D 66 IL Inf.Charlotteview record
McAlpine, FrankNew York40D 66 IL Inf.Charlotteview record
McCausey, GeorgeNew York40I 7 MI Cav.Chesterview record
McConoughy, Wm.Burlington, Vermont40E 1 MI Eng.Charlotteview record
McKinzie, Alexander40G 6 MI Cav.view record
McNaughton, PeterCanada40D 16 NY Cav.Charlotteview record
Merrick, Rufus P.Mich.40E 1 MI E&MCharlotteview record
Merrittt, Nelson O.Burgen, NY40G 20 MI I.Bentonview record
Metsinger, Wm.NY State40B 98 NY S. N. G.Charlotteview record
Milburn, Frank40D 7 MI Cav.Charlotteview record
Milburn, Wm.London, G. B.40D 7 MI C.Charlotteview record
Miller, JacobBedford Co., Pa.40H 6 MI H. A.Carmel Twp.view record
Miller, W.Cuyhoga, O.40I 20 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Miller, Wesly D.Wayne Co., Ohio40E 120 OH V. I.Chesterview record
Mock, WilliamOhio40D 163 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Morey, JohnTroy, Mich.40D 105 IL Vol.Charlotteview record
Morrell, S. D.St. Lawrence Co., NY40L 10 NY Cav.Chesterview record
Mosier, LymanLivingston Co., NY4014 OH Indep. Bat.Chesterview record
Moyers, Peter J.40K 102 OH V. Inf.Charlotteview record
Murdick, ChurchWashington Co., O.40G 36 OH V. I.Bentonview record
Myers, Abel D.Huron, O.40D 14 MI V. I.Charlotteview record
Nelson, D. G.Plymouth, Ohio40D 86 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Noble, Enos S.Mich.40H 4 MI Vol. Inf.Charlotteview record
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