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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Potts, Wm.Prussia37K OHStantonview record
Prall, Elymus W.Indiana37E 13 IN Cav.Langstonview record
Reed, David C.Naiagra Co., NY37B 116 NY Inf.Stantonview record
Reeves, Geo. D.Trumbull Co., Ohio37K 21 MIStantonview record
Richardson, Elijah S.Essex Co., NY37D 1 MI E&MStantonview record
Rickard, A. J. (Jasper ?)Seneca Co., Ohio37C 128 INStantonview record
Roller, MichaelOhio37I 123 OH V. I.Stantonview record
Rowley, Frank C.Mich.37A 6 MI H. A.Stantonview record
Saxton, Waren??ego, Ohio37G 193 OHSix Lakesview record
Sayles, Lyman A.Keene, Mich.37H 3 MI I.Evergreen Twp.view record
Sayles, Lyman A.37A 6 MI Cav.view record
Segar, Francis J.Vergenes, Vert.37A 10 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Segor, Francis J.Vergenes, Vt.37A 10 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Shannon, John P.Montgomery, Ohio37K 155 INStantonview record
Shuck, R. K.China37A 4 KY C.Stantonview record
Simmons, AmosRotterdam, NY3715 MIStantonview record
Smalley, Jas. M.Mass.37I 6 MI I.Day Tpview record
Smith, C.Canada37H 29 MIStantonview record
Smith, Chas.Ohio37E 38 OH V. I.Stantonview record
Smith, HanumNew York37F 7 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Smith, John T.Clay Co., NY37C US Eng.Stantonview record
Smith, Thos. M.Shelby Co., O.37K 84 OH V. I.Langstonview record
Steele, JohnNew Jersey37H 24 MI Inf.Douglass Tpview record
Steele, SamuelNew Jersey37H 24 MI Inf.Douglass Twp.view record
Stevens, Royal H.Stockbridge, mich.37A 1 MI V. I.Sidneyview record
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