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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Foster, Chas. E.32view record
Fox, Wm. G.Ireland32C 2 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
French, S. S.3220 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Frey, JamesElkhart, Ind.32C 2 IN Inf.Sonomaview record
Furner, Chas. B.New York32E 44 NYBattle Creekview record
Gardner, JamesInd.32I 128 IN Inf.Battle Creekview record
Geddes, Albert H.32Capt. Howlands Eng.Battle Creekview record
Gilbo, JohnCanada32F 3 Ny Cav.Battle Creekview record
Gleason, Weedin N.Mich.32C 13 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Godsmark, Geo. A.Mich.32F 7 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Goodrich, L.NY32D 18 IN Inf.Battle Creekview record
Goodrich, LeviPenn.32D 18 IA Inf.Battle Creekview record
Gore, Albert32Battle Creekview record
Grafton, Ira J.Vermont32E 1 VT H. A.Penfieldview record
Graves, W. F.NY32B 100 NY I.Battle Creekview record
Green, Draper S.Flint, Mich.32US NavyBattle Creekview record
Green, DraperMichigan32US NavyPenfieldview record
Green, George W.3228 MI Inf.view record
Gregory, Jasper L.32view record
Gregory, WalterMich.32H Merrills HorseBattle Creekview record
Griswold, AlbertBranch, NY32L Merrill HorseBattle Creekview record
Gustin, Samuel E.Hillsdale32F 56 IL Inf.Battle Creekview record
Haines, W. C.Ohio3221 Ind. BatteryBattle Creekview record
Hall, C. (Chas.) T.Mich.32K 13 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Hall, E. HastingsVermont32K 13 MI Inf.Emmit Townshipview record
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