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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Reed, M.Ohio29B 13 MI Inf.Grand R.view record
Reed, Sam'l W.Canada29B 3 MI Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Reed, W. W.NY29F 14 MIGrand Rapidsview record
Regan, F. M.29view record
Rethmick, EugeneMonroe Co., NY29G NY M. RiflesGrand Rapidsview record
Rexford, R. B.New York29D 28 MI Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Rice, Eber29view record
Richards, A. S.29D 1 MI E&MGrand Rapidsview record
Richards, FrancisOhio29C 21 MIGrand Rapidsview record
Ridout, E. T.29view record
Roberts, W.Germany29IN Art.Lisbonview record
Roch (Roach), PatrickIreland29B 88 PA Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Rogers, Judson B.Mass.29A 49 MAGrd. Rapidsview record
Root, Calvin J.Ohio29D 25 MIG. Rapidsview record
Rose, Chas.Michigan29A 3 MIGrand Rapidsview record
Rose, Tim29view record
Rosegrant, TheodoreNY29I 1 MI E&MG. Rapidsview record
Ross, FestusNY29I 65 NYGrand Rapidsview record
Rugg, SamuelOhio29B 29 IN Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Rusk, David29view record
Russell, E. F.New York29C 8 OH Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Russell, HenryNY29B 21 MI Inf.Talmadgeview record
Rust, DavidPenn.29B 6 PA Cav.Grandvilleview record
Sargood, Joseph29view record
Sawdy, TrumanNew York29E 3 MIHoward Cityview record
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