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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Swift, Franklin B.26view record
Tarple (?), D. R.Pa.26K 146 NY I.Crystalview record
Tate, Geo.Glassgo, Scotland26A 7 MI Inf.Elbridgeview record
Taylor, Chas. W.Canada26F 14 IL Inf.Elbridgeview record
Taylor, J. W.NY26B 7 MICrystalview record
Thomas, M. D.NY266 OH Cav.Elbridgeview record
Thomas, M. D.26K 195 OH I.view record
Thompson, J. R.Ohio26F 4 MI C.Elbridgeview record
Thorp, W. E.NY26D 21 NY I.Hartview record
Thorpe, SeaburyOhio26F 118 IN Vol. Inf.Hartview record
Thorpe, Seabury26G 51 IN Vol. Inf.view record
Thurston, DanielMichigan26I Merrill Horse MIHartview record
Tucker, Horace D.Wis.267 MI BatteryHartview record
Turner, Geo. W.Kent Co.26H 21 MI I.Hartview record
Turner, T. C.Ohio26A OH H. A.Hartview record
Turner, T. C.Richmond, Ohio26A OH H. A.Hartview record
Turner, Wm. H. H.Ind.26C 153 INHartview record
Underhill, A. J.New York26A 26 MI Cav.Pentwaterview record
Vanbrocktin, John W.Mich.26D 66 IL S. S.Hartview record
Vaughn, LeviCanada26C 35 NYLeavirrview record
Vaughn, Levi26H 39 NYview record
Waldron, H. A.Orleans, NY26I 10 MI Cav.Hartview record
Wasson, ArchibaldIndiana26K 84 IN Vol. Inf.Hartview record
Waters, W. H.NY26A 3 MIHartview record
Watkins, D. H.Sulivan. Pa.26K 15 NY RngCrystal Valeyview record
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