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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Sherman, LaFayetteLyons, NY24B 27 NY Inf.Fentonview record
Slocum, Edward E.Monroe Co., NY24C 16 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Slocum, MunroeWilksbarre, Pa.24I 8 MI Vol. Cav.Fentonview record
Smed (?), Abner D.Vt (?)24G 5 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Smith, Richard R.Rockaway, NY24D 16 MI Inf.Fentonvilleview record
Smith, Vernon C.24K 9 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Snook, John G.Waterloo, NY24D 6 MI Cav.Lindenview record
Spencer, Frederic R.De Ruyter, NY24A 136 NY V.I.Tyroneview record
Springer, Isaac E.Kendall Co., Ills243 WI Inf.Fentonview record
St. John, E.Jackson, Mich.24D 13 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Stiles, William H.Mich.24E 24 MIFentonview record
Sutton, Lewis M.New Jersey24G 66 IL Inf.Fentonview record
Taylor, ClaytonNY24H 29 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Terry, A. R.Oakland Co. Mich.24H 8 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Thompson, S. P.Genesse Co., Mich.24C 1 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Thornton, Chas. W.24B 8 NY H. A.view record
Thorp, John C.Friskney Lin/shire E24D 15 US Reg.Fentonview record
Thorp, Wm. H.Fenton, Mich.24K 23 MI Vol. Inf.Fentonview record
Topping, Jas. L.Metyz, NY24I 16 MI V. I.Fentonvilleview record
Tuttle, BenjaminMich.24F 1 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Tyler, CharlsWashtenaw Co., Mich.24E 8 MI Cav.Tyroneview record
Vanatta, Henry C.Wayne, NY24A 24 MI Inf.Fentonvilleview record
Vandorn, ClevelandMedina Co., Ohio24A 124 OHFentonview record
Varnum, D. D.Livingston Co., Mich24B 8 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Varnum, Daniel D.Mich.24I 8 MI Cav.Fentonview record
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