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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Morse, Albert J.Ohio18B 14 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Morse, H. M.New York18F 38 OH Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Morse, H. M.18G 38 OH Vet. Inf.view record
Morse, O. F.Mich.18E 29 MITraverse Cityview record
Mossman, J. A.Maine18E 2 MA Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Muncie, LeviMich.18Traverse Cityview record
Murray, James L.Illinois18E 1 IL L. A.Elmwoodview record
Neal, WarrenIllinois18H 16 IL Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Neeland, E. R.Ohio184 OH Min. MenTraverse Cityview record
Neeson, VincenPrussia18C 17 MOTraverse Cityview record
Newcomb, Geo. K.18view record
Ormsby, EdgarNew York18C 76 NYTraverse Cityview record
Osborn, Geo. W.New York18E 6 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Padden, D. E.18D 21 MI Inf.view record
Paige, D. O.Conn.18B 2 CT H. A.Traverse Cityview record
Patrick, A. E.PA18E 58 PAElmwoodview record
Pelton, Charles E.18E 7 MI Inf.view record
Philaps, Horace18A 26 MI Inf.view record
Pickell, Chas.Mich.18E 3 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Pierce, OrraNew York18H 74 IN V.Traverse Cityview record
Potter, E. B.New York18K 21 MI Inf.Waltonview record
Potter, V. M.18view record
Pound, W.New York18A 3 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Powers, J. F.New York18I 68 OHInlandview record
Pratt, H. B.New York18H 33 NY V.Traverse Cityview record
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