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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Tracy, John F.East Entwork, ME15D 32 WI Vol.Ludingtonview record
Van Noodt, LorenzoGermany15K 13 NY Cav.Ludingtonview record
Van Vliet, A. H.1511 MI Cav.view record
Van Wormer, A. V.New York15F 9 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Ward, C. C.Rising Sun, IN15D 18 IN V.V. I.Ludingtonview record
Ward, John R.Wayne Co., MI15I 13 MI Inf.Custerview record
Warner, Wm.Livingston, NY15G 1 PA RiflesLudingtonview record
Warren, Wm. B.Michigan15D 1 US LancersLudingtonview record
Weatherwax, G. W.Erie Co., NY15B 112 NYLudingtonview record
Webber, John P.Canada15F 1 MI L. A.Ludingtonview record
Webster, B. S.Munroe Co., NY15E 8 NY Cav.Ludingtonview record
Weimer, Geo.15view record
Whalen, DanielNew York15C 1 WI Inf.Amberview record
Whalen, Daniel15D 36 WI Inf.view record
Whalen, PatrickCanada15F 4 WI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Wheeler, H. H.Lapeer Co., MI15C 10 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
White, Shubael F.Marshall, MI15A 28 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
White, W. H.Ft. Wayne, IN15K 30 IN Inf.Ludingtonview record
White, Wm. O.Indiana15D 12 IN Inf.Ludingtonview record
Wiley, LennerdOhio15I 2 US Inf.Rivertonview record
Williams, Francis E.Vermont15K 14 IL Cav.Ludingtonview record
Wing, C. G.Franklinville, NY15US NavyLudingtonview record
Withey, JohnCanada15B 13 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Wood, J. W.15view record
Woods, Geo.New York15H 9 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
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