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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
McLaughlin, AlexanderIreland72A 26 PA Vols.Three Riversview record
McManus, J. W.Fayette, Pa.72E 115 OH Inf.Three Riversview record
McMurtrie, John H.Union Co., Pa.72K 16 Mi Inf.Three Riversview record
McNeil, John C.Adams Co., O.72C 33 IL Inf.Parkview record
Merrill, Samuel R.Mass.72G 136 OH N. G.Three Riversview record
Meyer, JohnGermany72G 1 MI L. A.Three Riversview record
Millard, Hiram B.Three Rivers, Mich.72F 1 MI L. A.Three Riversview record
Miller, FrederickOhio72E 178 OH Inf.Moore Parkview record
Miller, H. A.72M 1 MI Cav.Three Riversview record
Miller, JohnathanOhio72I 76 OH Inf.Moore Parkview record
Miller, MahlonPenfield, NY72B 44 IL Inf.Three Riversview record
Minzey, FranklinOrleans Co., NY72C 1 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Mohney, George H.Pa.72G 25 Mi Inf.Three Riversview record
Moon, Lewis B.Benton, NY72I 148 NY Vols.Three Riversview record
Morris, JohnDutchess Co., NY72K 37 IA Inf.Three Riversview record
Needham, David F.72Three Riversview record
Nelson, OrsonSeneca Co., NY72D 25 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
Nerhoot, JesseUnion Co., Pa.72G 172 PA Vol.Fabiusview record
Nordin, John W.Branch Co., Mich.72D 1 MI Art.Three Riversview record
Olmstead, John A.Branch Co., Mich.72C 1 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Peeler, Russell R.Greenwood, Pa.72E 16 PA Cav.Three Riversview record
Phelps, George N.Oneida Co., NY72B 1 MI E&MThree Riversview record
Pickens, JohnNY72E 49 NY Inf.Three Riversview record
Pickens, John72B 11 NY Cav.view record
Pierce, Lemuel P.NY72A 11 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
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