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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hunt, HenryRichland Co., OH6D 1 Light Art.Hillsdaleview record
Hutchinson, B. F.Salem, OH6K 6 IA Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Janes, A. H.6view record
Jobes, Robt.Green Co., OH6E 38 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Jones, W. H.Putnam Co., NY6K 182 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Jones, Wm. D.New York6M 11 MI Cav.Osseoview record
Kalder, Geo. B.Castile, NY6E 7 MN Inf.Osseoview record
Kennedy, John6F 60 NY Inf.view record
King, Peter J.Ohio6A 29 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Kingsley, B. L.Erie, NY6M 77 MI Cav.Osseo, MIview record
Kinney, GeorgeJackson Co., MI6H 4 Mi Inf.Adamsview record
Knecht, FredFrance6D 22 MI Inf.Galletin, MOview record
Knickerbacker, G. A.New York6A 4 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Knowles, Alfred R.6A 29 IN Inf.view record
LaFleur, A. B.New York6H 4 Mi Inf.Hillsdaleview record
LaFleur, A. B.6view record
Lancaster, MorganPalmyra, NY62 Mi Vol.Hillsdaleview record
Lane, LutherHudson, MI6L 2 IL Art.Hillsdaleview record
Libby, IsaihLenawee Co.6I 1 MI L.A.Hillsdaleview record
Lipp, Geo. F.France6G 4 CT Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Lipp, Geo. F.6G 22 CT Inf.view record
Lipps, G. F.France6G 4 CT Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Lohness, W. H.New York6H 125 NYHillsdaleview record
Lyon, Nelson J.Wayne Co., NY6F 1 MO L. Art.Hillsdaleview record
Mapes, W. L.Hudson, MI6B 2 MI Inf.Ransomview record
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