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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Tallman, H. V.53C 8 MI Inf.Masonview record
Thorn, D. B. S.53E 5 MI Art.Masonview record
Tichurst, AlfredVermont53Gunboat CurlenMasonview record
Tisherst, AlfordVermont53Gunbote CerlueVevayview record
Updyke, JamesNY53D 20 MI Inf.Masonview record
Updyke, James53M 10 MI Cav.view record
Upham, Stephen C.New York5315 MI Inf.Masonview record
Van Slyke, C. W.Cambria, NY53D 8 NY H. A.Masonview record
Walker, A. J.Penn.53H 1 MI E&MMasonview record
Warboy, MeadWashtenaw, Mich.53D 20 MI Inf.Masonview record
Warren, PorterNY53K 1 NY Cav.Masonview record
Weist, HezekiahOhio53D 48 IN Inf.Alaiedonview record
Wells, Wm. M.Mich.53C 8 MI Cav.Aureliusview record
Wheaton, John F.Ohio5355 OH Inf.Aliedonview record
Whiting, Dayton P.Canada53A 4 IL Cav.Masonview record
Whiting, Dayton P.Canada53A 4 IL Cav.Masonview record
Whitney, AlbertMichigan53C 12 MI Inf.Masonview record
Whitney, D. P.53A 4 IL Cav.view record
Wilkins, John F.Ohio53B 66 IN Inf.Masonview record
Wilson, H. J.53D 18 MI Inf.Masonview record
Wiltse, AlonzoNY53D 1 MI Cav.Masonview record
Worboy, PaulMich.53E 8 MI Cav.Masonview record
Worden, A.NY53K 29 MI Inf.Vevayview record
Worden, J. B.NY53B 3 MI Cav.Vevayview record
Wyeth, Walter H.Ohio53M 11 MI Cav.Masonview record
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