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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Noah, Wm.Portage Co., O.37D 21 MI Inf.Sidneyview record
Norton, Harlan P.NY37F 9 NY V. Cav.Stantonview record
Norton, Harlan P.Ogden, Monroe Co. NY37F 9 NY Cav.Stantonview record
Nye, FrederickMass.37C 36 MA Inf.Stantonview record
Osterhout, Silas M.Ulster Co., NY37H 130 OH V. I.Douglas Tpview record
Overacker, James S.New York37L 10 NY Vol. Cav.Stantonview record
Packard, Geo.New York37D 24 MI I.Langstonview record
Paris, Francis E.New York37B 1 MI Berdans S.S.Stantonview record
Parrish, DewittCanton Twp., Mich.37B 3 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Parsons, A. (?)NY37B 97 NYStantonview record
Peckinpaugh, S. S.Ohio37E 3 OH V. Cav.Stantonview record
Pentler, JeromeBainbridge, NY37E 10 MI Cav.Douglasview record
Percival, Jas. C.NY37G 83 PA Vol. Inf.Stantonview record
Percival, Jas. C.Cattaraugus Co., NY37G 83 PAStantonview record
Perry, Stephen W.Schenectady, NY37C 70 NYStantonview record
Pfouts, John W.Ohio37G 50 OH V. I.Stantonview record
Piatt, Henry S.Groton, NY37E 188 NYSidneyview record
Piattt, HenryLivingston, NY37E 188 NYStantonview record
Pickard, J. T.Ingham Co. Mich.37I 4 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Pickard, John T.Ingham Co., Mich.37I 4 MI Cav.Evergreen Twp.view record
Pickell, ChancyJackson, Mich.37D 1 MI I.Stantonview record
Pickell, EdsonPennsylvania37D 1 MI Inf.Stantonview record
Pintler, JeromeChenango Co., NY37E 10 MI Cav.Douglassview record
Porter, EdwinOhio37F 1 MI Art.Sidney Centerview record
Porter, MyronSummit Co., O.37F 1 MI L. A.Douglass Tpview record
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