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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Peck, J. C.Milford, Mich24I 22 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Perry, B. R.Penn.24L 10 MI Cav.Lindenview record
Perry, JamesConcord, Ohio24I 14 Vol. Inf.Fentonview record
Perry, James W.Lewiston, NY24E 7 MI Inf.Fentonvilleview record
Perry, James W.NY24E 7 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Polluck, JohnSodus, NY24D 160 NY Inf.Deerfieldview record
Porter, Charls24K 14 MI Inf.view record
Porter, CharlsEngland24BFentonview record
Potter, FranklinPenn.24I 8 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Quackenbush, SylvesterNY24H Stockton IN Inf.Fentonview record
Rall, Peter D.Gd Blanc, Mich.24K 8 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Remington, EbinFenton24I 8 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Richardson, D. H.New York24H 23 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Rinkney, Jas. R.Osceola24C 3 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Rino, C. P.Flint, M.24C 23 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Ripley, JamesLinden, Mich.24C 16 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Roberts, W. W.Elmira, NY24B 148 NY Inf.Fentonview record
Robertson, J. S.24view record
Rodgers, Chas.NY24H 2 NY L. A.Tyroneview record
Rogers, EdwinBarry Co. NY24I 3 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Sadden, Charles W.Rochester, NY24A 8 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Sadler, Delos W.24view record
Safford, John M.guilford, Maine24D 20 ME Vol. Inf.Tyroneview record
Salnave, T. H.Elmira, NY24H 8 MI Inf.Roseview record
Shelton, Thos. G.Lincolnshire, Englan24H 22 Vol. Inf.Fentonview record
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