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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ransom, T. D. W.Wisconsin21D 31 IASt. Josephview record
Ransom, W. C.Vermont21C 2 KSSt. Josephview record
Ransom, W. C.21A 6 KSview record
Reams, Asa L.Mich.21A 7 MI Cav.Royaltonview record
Redmond, Wm.Ireland21A 28 MI Inf.St. Josephview record
Renfrew, H.Ohio21A 124 ILGlen Lordview record
Reynolds, E. F.Buffalo, NY21US NavySt. Josephview record
Richards, A. D.New York21B 4 MI Inf.St. Josephview record
Richardson, Joseph H.New York21E 21 NY Cav.Stevensvilleview record
Rickerson, EdwardNew York21B 142 NYLincolnview record
Riley, G. W.Mich.21L 7 MI Cav.St. Josephview record
Ripley, Franklin21A 1 MI Cav.Covertview record
Robinson, Eli?21B 6 MIRoyaltonview record
Roe, AlbertOhio21OH Ind. SSVreeslandview record
Roe, Albert21H 8 OH Cav.view record
Rokley, JosephFrance21B 12 MIStevensvilleview record
Rome, Chas. D.New York21L 3 MI Cav.Riversideview record
Roome, P. W.Wis.21L 3 MI Cav.St. Josephview record
Russell, A. C. M.New York21D 25 WI Inf.St. Josephview record
Russell, PhilGermany21G Berger's SSLincolnview record
Safford, Jeddiah21St. Josephview record
Schnader, E. D.Penna.21C 79 PASt. Josephview record
Scott, Geo. F.Phila., Pa21Gunboat OnchitaSt. Josephview record
Scott, Jr., A. H.Mich.21C 6 MI Inf.St. Josephview record
Sesongoot, AugustGermany21A 15 MO Vols.Lincolnview record
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