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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Monroe, Geo. W.New York19I 22 MI Inf.Arlingtonview record
Monroe, SouthernCleveland, Ohio19G 1 MI E&MBreedsvilleview record
Morehead, Geo. W.Hancock Co., Va.19I 12 WV Inf.Bangorview record
Morford, JohnOntario, NY19H 6 MI Inf.Bangorview record
Morris, JacobOhio19B 47 IN Inf.Bangorview record
Morris, MonroeMadison, NY19Flag Ship CairoBangorview record
Murdick, A. J.Chenango, Pa.19G 50 IN Inf.Bangorview record
Nash, E. D.New York19C 9 MI Cav.Columbiaview record
Niles, G. R.Ingham Co., Mich.19I 16 MI Inf.Columbiaview record
Niles, John W.New York19G 13 MI Inf.Breedsvilleview record
Northrop, John L.Cayga, NY19D 13 MI Inf.Lumbertonview record
Northrup, L. L.19view record
Northrup, Lester L.Halfday, Illinois19c 13 IL Cav.Bangorview record
Nyman, A. J.niles, Mich.19C 19 MI Inf.Bangorview record
Nyman, R. C.Niles, Mich.19C 3 MI Inf.Bangorview record
Olds, L. A.Canada19B 140 IL Inf.Bangorview record
Overton, Fred N.Loraine, NY19G 20 NY Cav.Bangorview record
Page, John F.Mich.19C 4 MI Cav.Columbiaview record
Page, John F.Mich.19C 4 MI Cav.Bangorview record
Palmer, Daniel E.Ind.19A 13 IN Cav.Bangorview record
Parker, S. D.Ohio19B 23 OH I.Lee, Allegan Co.view record
Parshall, Geo. B.New York19K 15 NY EngBangorview record
Pattee, AlbionGrafton, NH19E 105 IL Vol.Bangorview record
Patterson, DennisMich.19A 16 US I.Columbiaview record
Patterson, Geo.Ind.19G 102 US C.Breedsvilleview record
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