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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Britt, PatrickIreland17K 20 MA Inf.Detroitview record
Brittmann, PeterHesse, Germany17K 1 MI L. A.295 St Aubin, Ave, Detroiview record
Broderick, James C.Canada17A 47 NY Inf.Detroitview record
Bromley, OrrinGrand Rapids, M.17B 14 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Bronson, JayKirkland, NY17H 76 NY Inf.Detroitview record
Broseus, BernardGermany17B 1 NY Eng CorpsCor Dequinda & Antietam,view record
Brown, C. F.New York17D 157 NYDetroitview record
Brown, D. D.Michigan17D 19 US Inf.Detroitview record
Brown, George P.Malone, NY17F 7 MO Cav.581 Fourth Ave, Detroitview record
Brown, GeorgeCanada17L 3 NY Art.Detroitview record
Brown, JeremiahDefiance, O17E 14 OH Inf.Detroitview record
Brown, Jno. W.Canada17A 15 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Brown, John A.Seneca, NY17G 59 IL Inf.Detroitview record
Brown, John A.17C 34 OH Inf.view record
Brown, JohnGermany17G 65 OH V. I.Detroitview record
Brown, John A.New York17G 59 IL Vol.Detroitview record
Brown, Levi P.Perry, Me.17E 2 ME Inf.Mt Clemensview record
Brown, N. F.Ohio17E 111 OH31 18th St., Detroitview record
Brown, N. HollisterNew York17H 77 NY Inf.47 Crawford St, Detroitview record
Brown, SamuelMich.17G 24 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Brown, SamuelDenegal, Ireland17D 24 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Brown, W. C.New York17L 8 MI Cav.Detroitview record
Brown, William17US Navyview record
Brownell, SeymourMichigan172 MI Cav.Detroitview record
Browning, JosephHarrison Co., O17H 11 MO Inf.Detroitview record
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