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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Tennant, Amos G.Penn.16I 28 Mi Inf.Evartview record
Thompson, J. M.Canada16M 19 WI Inf.Hartwickview record
Trafton, George A.Maine16D 9 ME Inf.Chippewayview record
Trumbull, Cassious O.Michigan16H 10 MI Cav.Evartview record
Turner, GalushaMichigan16D 18 MI Inf.Evartview record
Vanderhoof, AbraMichigan16H 19 MI Inf.Hartwickview record
Vanderhoof, AlvaMichigan16H 19 MI Inf.Hartwickview record
Vanderhoof, DavidMichigan16H 19 MI Inf.Avondaleview record
Vanderhoof, S. T.New York State16G 21 MI Inf.Evartview record
Vliet, NathanMichigan16A 1 MI L. A.Midlandview record
Vroman, Wm. H.New York16H 161 NY Inf.Evartview record
Wait, Albert E.Canada16F 8 NY H. A.Evartview record
Wait, Darwin E.Canada16C 2 NY Mounted RiflesEvartview record
Wait, Rufus R.Canada16H 42 NY Vol.Evartview record
Walbridge, Nelson H.New York16F 8 MI Inf.Evartview record
Welch, David W.Ohio16C 18 US Inf.Avondaleview record
Wiglesworth, JosephEngland16G 11 MI Cav.Evartview record
Wing, BronsonOhio16L 2 MO Cav.Evartview record
Woodford, Wm. W.Thomkins Co., NY1624 MI V. I.Evartview record
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