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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Shakelton, JeremiahCanada15B 1 BataviaLudingtonview record
Shapper, FrancisCanada15B 60 NY Inf.Summitview record
Shelley, Henry J.New York15E 128 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Sicard, JohnCanada15D 76 IL Inf.Ludingtonview record
Slaughter, George O.New York15L 10 NY Art.Amberview record
Smart, F. M.Ohio15K 1 IL Art.Ludingtonview record
Smart, R. E.Ohio15E 65 OH Inf.Rivertonview record
Smith, H. B.Ohio15OH Indep. Art.Ludingtonview record
Smith, J. EdwinMass.15D 113 IL Inf.Ludingtonview record
Smith, Ransom R.Ohio159 OH Ind. Bat. L. A.Ludingtonview record
Snell, Wm. H.Owzaukee, WI15D 12 MILudingtonview record
Spafford, Fred S.Ohio15A 2 Oh Cav.Ludingtonview record
Sprague, Geo. H.Loran, Ohio15G 1 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Stanton, C. P.Onandaga Co., NY15B 15 NY Cav.Ludingtonview record
Starr, W. C.Lorain Co., Ohio15B 124 OH Inf.Ludingtonview record
Stone, Jehiel R.New York15K 74 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Storrs, Chas. E.15view record
Storrs, Chas. E.New York15B 6 MI Cav.Eden Townshipview record
Sugars, SolomonPenn.15C 6 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Swansby, PeterNorway15E 5 RI H. A.Ludingtonview record
Swanson, HenryScotland15D 27 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Swarthout, DanielNew York15F 8 NY Cav.Ludingtonview record
Taylor, Ethan A.Michigan15K 1 NY Cav.Ludingtonview record
Taylor, Moses H.New York15B 10 MI Cav.Rivertonview record
Titus, Lewis R.New Hampshire15A 3 VT Inf.Ludingtonview record
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